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Specialized in Machining, Manufacturing, Vibration Analysis





We are highly trained professionals specialized in machining processes, structural dynamics, vibrations, and high performance machining.


We harness our knowledge specific qualities and use our expertise to develop and implement plans, from conceptual planning to turnover.



Tool path is a big part of a machine's performance–and it plays more of a part than you might think in increasing the return on your machine investment. That is why it is important to detect and eliminate unproductive cutting parameters in your tool paths to boost your productivity.


We offer sustainable and proven solutions to optimize your machine performance with innovative digital tools and customized cutting strategies. Our solutions will enable your company to utilize its current capital equipment to the fullest and improve its existing operations from tool path planning stage to execution of the actual NC program.




We offer various practical training courses to get industry professionals up to speed with leading-edge knowledge and technologies in machining, vibrations, predictive maintenance and health monitoring.



Every particular combination of the machine, tool holder and cutting tool has specific stable speed values that permit the deepest cuts and heaviest metal removal when “dynamically tuned”. This service allows companies to achieve the highest possible material removal rates with longer tool and spindle lives.





In today's competitive manufacturing world, it is pivotal to keep the focus on improvement in all areas preventing companies from being productive. Terranic Systems offers state-of-the-art industrial solutions to improve traceability , productivity and overall performance of machining facilities. 

We look beyond machine monitoring as the main value of a connected, networked shop environment. We automate data management process to minimize reliance on operator input to capture time-sheet entries, critical events and details about machine utilization. In addition, our solutions improve equipment safety and dramatically reduce the chance for error and avoid wasting valuable production time.​




Reducing machine tool downtime and assuring quality have become increasingly important as the demand for higher production rates and closer tolerances continues to grow. To assure maximum performance from machine tools, manufacturers are increasingly employing predictive maintenance programs. Terranic Systems offers the best in class vibration analysis and measurement products to predict when a machine tool will fail or go out of tolerance in order to reduce unplanned downtime, particularly at critical times during production. Close monitoring of machine tools with a comparison of historical data are used to predict both when a machine tool will require service and the scope of services that will be necessary. Therefore, repairs and other maintenance can be scheduled for time periods which will least interfere with production.



In today's market, pressure from increased orders and competition is driving industry to seek more sophisticated and cost-effective machining solutions. As product pricing has evolved from a cost plus margin paradigm to a market driven-one, manufacturing companies with inefficient processes in practice have started to level out. Most businesses are now under constant pressure to spur rapid growth by intensely leveraging what already exists - something that is achievable only with significant turnaround in practices and concepts.


Terranic Systems offers world-class engineering services dedicated to the machining industry. We have a proven reputation for overcoming the challenges faced in machining by providing innovative and practical solutions and trainings to our clients. Our approach is geared towards lean manufacturing by offering services to remove productivity impediments and accelerate your existing machining processes without a large capital investment. Businesses using our services have successfully transitioned to lean manufacturing - giving them the advantage of delivering a mix of products in small or large volumes with the efficiency of mass production and also the flexibility for custom manufacturing in order to respond rapidly to customer demands.





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Main Office 

601 - 938 Howe St., Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9, CANADA

Europe Office 

Windowist Business Tower, Floor: 15, Eski Büyükdere Cad. No:26, Maslak 34467, Istanbul, TURKEY

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