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Portable Analyzers

impaq Elite


Impaq Elite is a 4 channel portable vibration analyzer powered by Microsoft Windows CE and state-of-the-art DSP technology. The Impaq Elite's rugged housing design is made from a high tech dual material injection process, consisting of hard ABS plastic (black) and soft TPR plastic (yellow, gray or orange). The Elite also has rubber seals for your protection when in nasty environments. Equipped with VGA resolution color touchscreen, impaq Elite brings you a brand new experience with in-field analyzers. Impaq Elite offers the following toolboxes for full customization of the analyzer:

  • FFT Spectrum Analysis

  • Computer Order Tracking

  • Octave Spectrum Analysis

  • Rotor Balancing

  • Raw Data Recorder

  • Vibration Meter

  • Data Collector


Fieldpaq II

Fieldpaq II is a portable 2+2 channel real-time analyzer that is built for advanced noise and vibration measurements in the field.  For measurements in harsh environments, Fieldpaq II is manufactured with a ruggedized housing by a dual injection molding process and protective sealing to provide an IP 65 rating.  

Fieldpaq II is equipped with a large 5-inch color (800 x 480 high resolution) touchscreen.  The combination of Microsoft's powerful WinCE operating system and touchscreen operation provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Fieldpaq II acquires measurement signal with precision 24-bit sigma-delta AD converters to provide a high dynamic range, up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth. Fieldpaq II is powered by a 800 MHz CPU for running the Windows CE system and the fastest commercially available DSP chip TI TMS320C6713B for performing signal analysis at extremely fast real-time rates.

Fieldpaq II comes with the same toolboxes as impaq Elite.


vPod - Vibration Meters

Powered by the microprocessor, this family of meters can easily measure average, hold or peak hold vibration data, and display them with user selectable unit/detection. The battery charge indicator and sensor bias indicator is also a standard feature of vPod and vPod II. vPod II has built-in memory for storing up to 1000 archive data points. It can transfer data through the RS-232C port with a PC. 

vpod lite V3.png
vPod Pro - Vibration Meter


vPod Pro uses a mechanical health detector/data collector that is innovatively designed and based on your needs for mechanical health testing:

  • IP65 rated dustproof and waterproof case with anti-wrest rubber sleeve;

  • Equipped with a 3.5-inch color screen for an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface;

  • Built-in 24G flash memory provides sufficient storage space;

  • Innovative sensor design allows you to measure the vibration value, bearing status and temperature of the device at the same time;

  • A wide range of data acquisition can be performed by purchasing the spectrum analysis function and the route measurement function.

  • The lens on the back allows you to add a photo taken on-site as a note when storing data.

  • Support Bluetooth headset auscultation function,

  • With USB 2.0, wifi and other transmission interfaces

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Hard Bearing Balance Machine

Superior performance and precision results.

We offer high-end horizontal balancing machine with rigid rotor supports and a rugged mechanical design particularly suited for workshop applications. GTech's horizontal, hard-bearing machine comes equipped with safety cover and meets all CE requirements to ensure operator safety.



Novian - PC Based Analyzer

Novian is a noise and vibration analyzer software suite that turns your data acquisition hardware into a powerful 4 to 64 channel real-time analyzer for your vibration measurements. No need to learn graphical interfaces or software programming, as Novian is simple to set up and easy to use. Novian works with a variety of hardware modules for your vibration measurements. Some key features are

• Raw data measurement and recording
• Real-time FFT
• Octave and Order Tracking
• Playback analysis for previously measured raw data

iSee: Condition Monitoring Software

Coupled with the impaq Elite or fieldpaq II data collectors, iSee software is a powerful solution to your management of machine health condition. iSee helps you build up a database for managing the archive data of your equipment, so as to prevent from unscheduled shut-down and save your maintenance cost.


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